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Fuda #37 [video/action] backdated to the 18th

[Tsuzuki's never quite gotten used to how time works in Luceti. It seems like the years practically run past him. It's not that long since last october. He can still remember how badly Hisoka seemed to feel on this day.

He leaves an elaborate origami bird on the pillow, smoothing down the bed sheets. Happy birthday, partner. Tsuzuki knows he doesn't want any fuss, so he will stay out of Hisoka's way today.

Later, he can be found outside of the temple, testing out his new broom on the autumn leaves. The new place reminds him of home. It goes without saying that he wants to take care of it. There are precious few things left in Luceti that has any trace of home left.

He rests against his broom, looking at the piles of leaves. From looking at them you'd never think they were a lot of work, but his back apparently feels they were.]
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[Eleytheria's come to visit the temple today too. Though it wasn't erected for him and so might make him feel a little on edge, if only out of respect for whose house it truly was, he had wanted to get a closer look. As he comes closer, he notices a familiar face standing outside sweeping the fallen leaves.

Why did they keep bumping into each other lately?]

Tsuzuki? Are you all right? [He asks as he takes a break, resting on the broom.]
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[What was he doing? Well...]

I wanted to visit this temple, take a closer look. I wondered who might be worshipped here. Do you come here often? [He seemed quite comfortable sweeping up outside after all.

Hm... and then there were the carefully built leaf piles. He hated to ruin his hard work, but he can put them back again right? He raises a hand and sends a gentle breeze towards a nearby pile, sending the leaves spiralling into the air and watching as he waits for an answer. Silly games the Wind Spirit liked to play to entertain himself~]
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It is a pleasant environment... [He might like it himself if he didn't feel like he was intruding. At home he had his own temples. He never visited any of the other Spirit's houses.

The Spirit doesn't notice Tsuzuki's fascination with his powers either, at least not at first. Then... perhaps as a bit of a joke, he sends a flurry of those leaves to whirl around Tsuzuki instead as he takes a few steps closer to the building.]

Who would I be meeting? It does not seem... right for me to go inside without permission.
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[If he wasn't already distracted by the leaves, Tsuzuki may notice a slight smile from the Spirit as he plays with the wind. It fades again though as he sets the leaves back onto the pile.]

Rei... I do not believe we have met. I do not want to intrude though... I will be fine out here.

[As for the spell, he nods.]

It did seem to help, along with the aid I received from others. I will carry it with me for times of need. Thank you.
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... [Cue Eley looking a little awkward. He wasn't the best at introductions, especially not when it involved people he didn't know.] Ah, thank you for the offer but... I will leave her be for now. [He has no real reason to bother her after all. Yes, potential friendships and small talk don't count!

He seems almost surprised at Tsuzuki's next comment too.]

It is not easy... it is not a comfortable experience. But I have my purpose in the world and I must carry on regardless of how humans think of me. It may seem sad, but that is what I was made for.
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[Birthdays are stupid. Luceti is stupid and so is everything else. The morning gift was nice and all, but it didn't stop Hisoka from taking his annual sojourn to brood at the southern lake. He's out until the weather is too unbearable to handle, though their home is much too far south for him to notice the tornado ripping through the town proper. Upon his return, he's red-faced and shivering.]

It's too early for it to be this cold.
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[He pauses in the doorway, blinking. Why wouldn't he be okay?]

Yeah... I was just at the lake.
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Why would they be?

[But Tsuzuki is being serious, and Hisoka sobers quickly.]

Did something happen?
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None of us need it. We'll have to make due.

Is it bad?
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Of course I am. People could be getting hurt out there.
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[Hisoka nods, zipping up the coat he'd never taken off.]

Do you think we'll be able to do anything effective? We're not as much help as we ought to be while we're here.
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Sure we can!

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[And then they were heroic but we don't have any other people for this thread so STUFF HAPPENED and they came home.

By then, Hisoka's pale and shivering, enough that he's openly clinging to Tsuzuki as they return home.]
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[All that terror. It was magnified in the part of town most ravaged. He pulls away as soon as he can manage, stumbling the rest of the way to the couch.]

I told you I'm sure. I'm just nauseous. Stop worrying so much.
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[He waves a hand at the candy. Sugar never helps anything.]

Of--of course. I wasn't going to let you do it alone. [He's just going to lean over until he's sitting with his head against his knees. Ughhhh people.]