idealism: (butterflies and sweet voice)
Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2012-10-21 07:10 pm
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Fuda #37 [video/action] backdated to the 18th

[Tsuzuki's never quite gotten used to how time works in Luceti. It seems like the years practically run past him. It's not that long since last october. He can still remember how badly Hisoka seemed to feel on this day.

He leaves an elaborate origami bird on the pillow, smoothing down the bed sheets. Happy birthday, partner. Tsuzuki knows he doesn't want any fuss, so he will stay out of Hisoka's way today.

Later, he can be found outside of the temple, testing out his new broom on the autumn leaves. The new place reminds him of home. It goes without saying that he wants to take care of it. There are precious few things left in Luceti that has any trace of home left.

He rests against his broom, looking at the piles of leaves. From looking at them you'd never think they were a lot of work, but his back apparently feels they were.]

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