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EVENT: 4th wall

[Tsuzuki is a bit preoccupied. Not only is he in the bakery, but he's been lucky enough to find a deck of cards in town. Right now, he's building a large tower.]

[Be careful, just a gust of wind is enough to tear it down.]

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[And there's Wakaba, leaned over just slightly and watching over Tsuzuki's shoulder.

She's trying to be nice here and not startle him with a sudden hello.]

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[Honestly, she wanted to pet the wings. They were so cute. ;w;

More important than that though, she's all smiles as she nods to that painfully obvious look.]

That's right.

[And now she points.]

The next one ought to go there, don't you think?

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[It would probably help that concentration if Wakaba didn't seem to take his moment of distraction as the perfect time to try out petting those fluttering wings.

But you don't mind that, right?]
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[Another face Saori had insisted she contact. A friend. A good friend. Yuuna Sugasawa, Saori's chosen champion, smiled as she approached. A Japanese woman visibly in her early thirties dressed all in white, a slender umbrella holding a hidden sword in her hand. She smiles as she approaches, though she can't help but cause a bit of mischief.

A sudden, sharp gust of wind whisks through the bakery, a minor flicker of the magic she'd been lend by her patron, and cards go everywhere!]
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[Yuuna walks over with a confident, easy smile and takes a seat across from the flustered Tsuzuki. She gives him an amused look as he moans.]

Saori said you were melodramatic, but over a house of cards?

/making an appearance only for you bb <3

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[What an old, nostalgic place... He had been certain he'd died, but now he was walking again, along a path he knew, but yet did not.]

[The sight of a familiar old friend through the window of the bakery provokes a tiny smile, and Sheik makes his way inside.]

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[He's here, but not for long. Those wings on his back that had become a familiar comfort to him are long gone. He voices no complaint at the enthusiastic embrace, moving to return it instead.]

Yes, I remember. [Although the memories are hazy at best. He's been asleep for a long time...] Why would I call your name if I didn't?

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Has it been long? I am afraid I cannot tell. [He's been asleep for entirely too long, it feels like. Or dead. Maybe he was dead.]
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[There's an unfamiliar girl here with a basket of flowers. She watches the construction of the card tower and smiles.]

Oh! Keep going!
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/threadjacks what

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[There is a girl touching Eileen's hand, eyes bright with expectation.]
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[Her hand is cool, but solid. Eileen turns to Tsubaki, as if unsurprised to see her despite having known a much younger girl in life. She slips her hand around hers.]

Let's get something from the bakery!
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[The important thing is that she's there. It doesn't matter how long it's been since they last saw each other. Eileen always has a place in her, well, heart that no one else will be able to fill. Tsubaki grips her hand.]

Yes, let's! I saw they have eclairs. Do you want to try one with me?
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Re: <3

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[She's just as Tsubaki would remember. Hand in hand, and her other arm holding her flower basket, Eileen is all cheer.]

That would be great.
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[It's perfect. Just as good and happy as she remembers. Tsubaki tugs on her hand, her grip tightening as they order their food. She knows she shouldn't, but still she asks.]

Have you been here long?
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[Gives her a chiding look of "What kind of question is that?"]

Here? I'm always with Tsubaki-hime!
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Aah, I don't want to mess yours up. I'm fine with watching.

[A reassuring smile, and has no comment on the wings though she definitely isn't from around here.]
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Would you like to buy one? They're fresh!

[She presents him with a pale pink rose.]

Maybe a rose for someone you love?
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Hee hee, is a rose a little too much? I have carnations, posies, daisies, and camellias!
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The symbol for innocence and loyal love. A nice choice!

[She offers him a white daisy. Behind the light, sweet smell of the flower there's also the faintest note of something else - the scent of rot.]

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[Hopefully, getting a sudden bump to the leg by a small, furry, purring something or other doesn't count as a gust of wind...]

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[The purring starts up as soon as he acknowledges her, and she'll make her way over, head-bonking the first body part some comes in contact with.]

Hello, my friend.
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[She'll ramp up the purr, leaning into the attention and bonking the underside of his chin next.]

I do not know. I was napping in a sunbeam at home, and I awoke in the village square with many, many others.
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... [Eley may or may not be watching him from a short distance away as he gradually builds the tower and seems very close to finishing. That is until the Spirit sends a tiny stray gust of wind his way, enough to make the cards quiver and fall.

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[If he was one to laugh, he might have done having just seen what Tsuzuki did to himself. Instead he silently shook his head and approached him.]

It seems you did not need my interference to blow it down after all. It seemed like an unusually sturdy structure...
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...I only came here to test the tower you were building. I would not object to food however.

[It did always smell appealing in the bakery and since he'd started trying new things he found it hard to resist the lure of food.]
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[Teasing, him? Maybe a little... though he wouldn't admit that since he's likely unaware of what he's doing in the first place. He looks mildly uncomfortable as Tsuzuki looks at him like that but since he's changing the subject, he'll let it slide~]

Ah... no. I do not usually keep to regular meals.

[Perhaps he should. Would it make his body stronger for it?]
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I cannot say I have noticed... I have never needed to eat before, though it is not impossible for me if given a more... solid form.

[Perhaps being human was new to him but he could still eat as a dragon if he really wanted to.]

Still I am interested in trying more of what the world has to offer. If it will benefit me in some way then... there is no reason not to.

[Since Tsuzuki's gone through all the trouble of ordering some for them both he can't exactly turn it down now anyway. So he'll take a seat, picking up one of the cards and looking it over as they wait.]
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[The smell was what always caught the Spirit's attention at first. Just the scent alone made him wonder about its source. He couldn't deny that the food placed in front of them definitely looked appealing.

But... where did he start?

Well first of all he better answer Tsuzuki's question. For no real reason he happened to pick up the ace of hearts. He places it back on the table so he can see.]

Is there some meaning behind my choice?
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[Tsubaki doesn't approach Tsuzuki immediately. She remembers him from the boat, but she is far more interested in finding his partner. Eventually she comes to the table and sits down on the opposite side.]

Excuse me?