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Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2013-05-13 07:29 pm
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Fuda #42 [action/video]

[If anyone walks past house 25 today, they will notice that is looks dark and abandoned. On the front door, someone has nailed a piece of paper. It says:

Hisoka and I has moved to Community house 5, room 4 on the ground floor. Draco has gone home.


[The room number is underlined twice.  He doesn't want anyone to come to the wrong part of the building by mistake. 

There are too many goodbyes. After a while the body simply doesn't have enough energy to grieve for all of them, no matter how much it wants to. Tsuzuki doesn't know how to deal with it just yet, but he does know that he needs to at least pretend things are fine.  That's why he takes his normal trip to the bakery and then to the temple during the rainy day.  Rei is nowhere to be found at the temple, which is a huge red flag to him.  She would have never left it without telling anyone.  He does his best to make the temple stay clean and welcoming while he waits for her to come back.

When he goes to his new home, he makes sure to bring some real green and some snacks for Hisoka, as a way to try to cheer him up.]

Sorry about the mess.  Do you want some help with the unpacking?

[Once he's hung his coat to dry, he opens his journal and presses the video function.]

I see we've gotten some more new people in town.  How are you all settling in?

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