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Fuda #43 [action/video]

New Feather season, huh? Welcome to town. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. Even if it's just questions about where to go to get good tea. I hope you'll feel at home soon.

Hey, speaking of homes, does anyone know how to build tree forts here? I know we have some built outside of town, so there's got to be someone who knows. Man, I hope not all the builders have left by now.
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Tree forts, huh? What kind are ya lookin' for?
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Not really, but we can do anything you want. What kinda thing are you planning to do with it?
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...huh. Can't be that tricky if they need a home. Alright, what kinda things do you think your spirit friend would like?
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[That set his mind rolling.]

Sound's like we'll need a pretty high tree then, something with a roof but still open enough to let the wind through. That about right?
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[Cliff chuckled.]

Heh. Of course not! We can work in some stairs if we can find the right tree to work with, or at least add a solid ladder. Hm...

[He really needed to see the tree they had in mind before he could come up with anything clear, and he had a hunch that he'd want to talk to Souji about some design ideas. The man might have a better idea about what to do than him.]
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[Cliff grinned. He liked it when people thought big.]

Like I said, depends on the tree. But, we might just be able to work that in.
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Ain't a bad thought. But, don't you think it'd be a good idea to get the person involved, uh. Involved.
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Hmm... you make me realise that I have not had tea for a while now. [He should fix that, he did find it rather relaxing.]

You are intending to build someone a new home?
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Hmm... perhaps you should take the person in question to the forts that are already established. Then they can decide for themselves if it is a home worth living in. It will give the builders something to work from as well.

...I have not tried many different kinds, so I suppose I am open to try something new.
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Yes, exactly. I hope you can find the right home, regardless of his decision.

Actually... I have been meaning to speak with you again. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity. Yes, I will go with you.
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Very well.

[Eley will start to make his way there himself and since Tsuzuki's continuing this conversation he'll do the same... albeit rather hesitantly as he's walking out in public now. Should he talk about it out here? Normally he would just come right out and say it but he had no idea how humans would usually react to the subject he wants to bring up.]

Ah... it is a rather... personal matter. Something was mentioned to me during the speed dating event. I wanted to ask for some clarification on the subject.
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[Exactly why he wasn't going to go into too much detail, knowing that people could be prying...

But he's relieved to see Tsuzuki not long after and puts his own journal away as he approaches.]

I am fine... I have just learned of something new. Something which has been troubling me. I am not sure if the person who told me about such a thing is particularly trustworthy or not, so I hoped you would give me an honest explanation.
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[Eley was getting... somewhat better at accepting Tsuzuki's hugs without tensing up so much at least. He supposed it had to do with how much he trusted a person in the end.

Ahem, but anyway he gives a slight nod to his friend before speaking again.]

Shall we find somewhere to sit so we can talk?
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[Eley did like the sound of that tea, but then he began to wonder if it might be best to discuss this in a more... private setting. He remembered bringing up a similar subject to Rudy and it seemed to embarrass him. Perhaps certain topics were best discussed away from other people.]

We shall save the tea for another day. I think it best that we discuss this alone... so the grove would likely be a better place to talk.
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[As they walk, Eley senses his friend's concern and quickly shakes his head, dismissing that idea.]

They did not threaten. They... Well, they may have been offering something to me. But I am not sure it is something often discussed among humans so openly. The last time I unintentionally implied the subject, I seemed to cause some embarrassment.
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[He looks thoughtful at that question as they walk.]

Not... exactly. I suppose I was more concerned about whether or not it was true, since the words came from a stranger. A stranger... and a strange man.

I do not wish to cause too much embarrassment, but really it is just another thing for me to learn about regarding humans. That is how I see it.
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... [Eley has no idea what you just did then Tsuzuki, gentle or not, so he's going to be throwing a questioning look at you for that shoulder bump.]

Yes... you are right about that. Well, despite the long walk we seem to be without company. Perhaps I should begin now if you are all right with that.
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[Pfff quite a bit I would imagine! And don't grin at him when he's about to talk about this stuff Tsuzuki. He's trying to think of the best way of putting it...]

Very well. The... subject that arose was one to do with intimacy between humans. I was told in some detail about certain... pleasurable acts between males. My knowledge of mating between creatures is not particularly extensive, but I was always led to believe it was an act meant for reproduction and therefore between male and female. It... seems I was wrong.

[Welp, he'll just stop there and try not to look at Tsuzuki right now.]
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[He was trying to avoid stating it outright since it seemed to have caused embarrassment in the past... but since Tsuzuki already said it he can't avoid it now. He gives a nod.]

Yes... between males.
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[Oh dear, Eley can't help but feel like he's making things all the more awkward again... Maybe he shouldn't have brought this up. Too late now! Besides he was curious about this, no matter how much it seemed to fluster his friend. He didn't really know who else to turn to about it.]

I believe I was being made an... offer of sorts. Yet I did not understand it exactly since I had not heard of such a thing occurring myself. So... I asked for an explanation for the sake of my own curiosity. Besides... we were supposed to talk.

[Excuse him while he fails to meet your eyes, Tsuzuki.]
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[personal profile] winds_voice 2013-07-25 08:56 pm (UTC)(link) it something I should be concerned about?

[He wonders. He wasn't about to say yes or put himself in a situation he was unfamiliar with. But even so he wasn't sure how such offers should be received. He barely knew about the feelings of love that he assumed humans were supposed to share when it came to coupling... Then again, perhaps he was wrong about that. Perhaps the feeling was something else altogether when it came to being more... intimate.]

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[Eley certainly didn't trust the person in question... then again he barely knew him. He gives a... rather hesitant nod. He understands how important those things are, but perhaps isn't quite sure if he's really understanding what Tsuzuki's saying here.]

Pehraps. I am... not really sure how to quantify how much I like someone. If it would be enough.
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[Eley thinks about that a moment.]

If I was told this prior to coming here then I would say that perhaps it is impossible for such a feeling to come to be in a Spirit. After all we do not die as easily as mortals. As long as we carry out what we were made for, we will live until the end of days, regardless of how many die around us. We thrive on human belief and wish to work alongside them... but we do not feel that we cannot survive without them.

Perhaps... I would have greater difficulty living so blindly at present. A lot has changed. I feel... different.
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[Eley has to think a moment about how to put into words exactly what that difference was. Perhaps he couldn't pinpoint it exactly but...]

In my world I have learned that some humans are worth saving, but aside from a select few, I have never made a point to draw closer to them. That is not what Spirits do.

Here... I feel I have become closer to humans. To certain individuals in particular. I do not mind it. In fact... it seems to help me thrive.