idealism: (eyes high)
Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2013-08-18 02:27 am

Fuda #44 [action]

[It had been so long since had a real family, that when the event is over and the delusion lifts, he doesn't want to believe it's true. Still, as much as he tries he understood that the life he wanted is the dream, and the reality isn't anything like what he expected.]

He is glad to know Hisoka again, of course. His partner was as close to family as he could get. Tsuzuki knows he isn't as alone as he feels.]

[Tsuzuki needs some space to think. He misses Seto and Helios and their strange, lovable family. It isn't fair they had to give it up. He walks out of the house and goes through the city, but that's not enough. IN the end, he arrives at a familiar hill, at a familiar tree. He begins to climb on autopilot, not stopping until he's a couple of meters over the ground. Maybe things will make more sense if he can see the bigger picture from there.]

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