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Fuda #45 [video]

[Locked from Hisoka Kurosaki by 20%]

I have a request to make. I understand if you don't want to, but I figured I'd try anyway.

In a couple of days, a really good friend of mine celebrates his birthday. Now, he hasn't had a good year. I 'd throw him a party, but he made me promise not to. But he didn't make me promise this. So.

If you see him on the 18th, would you wish him a happy birthday?

[Tsuzuki runs his fingers through his hair, wondering how to proceed. He grabs a piece of paper and a pencil.]

His name is Hisoka and he's normally not very talkative. Uhm. Doesn't smile a lot? He looks like this. Sort of. Anyway, I think he'd really appreciate it.
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[Mai considers the scribbled drawing a moment, then shrugs a shoulder.]


[A beat, then:]

Are you certain he would want all these birthday greetings though?
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Good. Last thing I need is someone complaining.
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That's probably because I just showed up a week ago.

[It's not sarcastic or meanly said but her tone is so flat and apathetic sounding it may as well be.]

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I'm in one of the community houses. It's alright, I've dealt with worse.
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...what exactly does he like?

[Because birthdays mean giving presents to Eley no matter who we're talking about here. It's what you do, right?]
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Hmm... I see.

[That was quite a broad selection to look into, but Eley was sure he could find something that he might find appealing. At least by Eley's interpretation of what Tsuzuki told him.]

Then I will have to see what I can do. Regardless I will try to offer a greeting at least.
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[Since the week of paradise, Hisoka's been a bit more withdrawn than usual. It was a bit of a violation to be magically abused as a gear in someone else's wish-fulfillment machine, but it was also a period where speech was unnecessary. It's been difficult to return to the world of boundaries and separate bodies.

He approaches Tsuzuki as he writes, holding out the cat with both arms, head tilting curiously. Was the cat fed yet today? He's not sure.]
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[He shakes his head. He doesn't think so. It's hard to tell with cats. Instead, he climbs into the seat beside Tsuzuki, uncharacteristically eager for contact.

Remember that time they merged powers, Partner? That was good. Maybe that's a thing that can happen again.

...Except he's not at all telepathic, so he mostly just burrows closer, ignoring whatever ill-conceived art that might have happened. If Tsuzuki wants to play with crayons, it's probably not his business.]
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[He nods into the hug, closing his eyes and letting out a soft sigh. It's warm here, curled up close to Tsuzuki's heart. The contact soothes him tremendously.

Only then does he reach to the table for the the drawing, tapping it expectantly. Answers, please?]
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[He shakes his head no, because drawing with crayons is stupid. It would also require separating again, which he's simply not ready to do. Why would anyone want to? He nuzzles Tsuzuki's chest with his cheek once more in emphasis. Less talking and more this.]
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[More head-shaking. Tsuzuki shouldn't have been capable of missing him! He'd been so sure to make sure his partner was pampered, even beyond the veil of skewed priorities during that period. Why would Tsuzuki say something that wasn't true?]
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[He frowns, resorting to charades to egt his point across. He gives Tsuzuki a pointed look and runs his fingers along the curve of his partner's cheek. Tears? Now? Unacceptable.]
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Hee hee, it looks just like him.

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Now that depends. Help you out with what?
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A bit older than he looks. [ But younger than Joshua. ] So?
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That feeling will go away before too long. I don't see what the problem is, personally.
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The anniversary of my arrival, I suppose. But that's really about it.

[ And his "birthday", and Hanekoma's birthday, and the day Hanekoma went home, and the day Neku went home, and the day Shiki went home, and... ]

What about you?
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I'd imagine it's no higher than 366...
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[Video] Sorry this is late...

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So it's Kurosaki-san's birthday then?

Tsuzuki-san, what does he like to eat?
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So would something like dango be too much?

...and how do you know if he likes the taste of blood or not?
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What flavor, would you say? It's not a birthday thing, but...yes, I can do that at least.
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[Birthday you say? Seto's all about those, whether they're for strangers or for friends, it makes no difference to him. They're all important and he's more than happy to show how grateful he is that these people were born.

And Seto's good at recognizing people just from drawings he's seen (no matter how bad they are) so finding Hisoka from this shouldn't be hard.]

I'll make sure to say happy birthday to him if I see him! [And then on a bit more curious and sad note-] Did something bad happen to him this year?