idealism: (A cloak as white as snow.)
Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2013-11-08 10:21 am

Fuda #46 [action]

[When he woke up, Hisoka was gone.

This was for the better. His partner had finally gotten to go home. Now he would forget how hurt he was after Draco left. Now he would forget how badly Tsuzuki had ruined their partnership. Hisoka deserved that much, to get the chance to be happy again.

Tsuzuki didn't expect the same to become true for him. After all, he was the one that always ended up staying behind.

Thinking too much about it sapped his strength, filling his eyes with tears. There was no point in going outside. He should have let others know that his partner had left, but like with any sort of bereavement, it was much easier to pretend that the problem wasn't there. At least that way he could hold himself together by the fraying edges, trying to keep the yawning loneliness at bay.]

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