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Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2017-04-06 01:36 am

The big sticky OOC post of useful info

Malnosso kidnappings:

1. june 27th/july 7th 2010
Eye-examination as well as tissue sample. They put it back afterwards.

2. june 27/july 10th 2011
Experimentation with regeneration abilities: including a vat of boiling oil. Tsuzuki stopped speaking for several days upon his return.

3. April 4th to april 7th 2012
Unknown experiments. He came back in a body of a seven-year old and stayed like that for two whole days while the effect wore off.

4. june 27th/july 15th 2012
Experimentation with a body's reaction to extreme temperatures. This time around he was kidnapped with Hisoka, meaning that a lot of the time he was trying to keep his partner from collapsing from the heat/cold.

Death penalties:
So far, none

Elemental spirits:

Tsuzuki hasn't really made an effort to talk to the elemental spirits in Luceti. He's still missing his shikigami too much to want to 'replace' them. Nevertheless, once he began gardening in the spring, he found two spirits very agreeable. Those were:

* Sona - Water [Alignment: neutral]
* Faeren - Earth [Alignment: neutral]

The reason he liked them was because they knew how to keep his flowers healthy and happy. He's avoided the more damaging elemental spirits, but he feels bad about it.

In the future, he might make a conscious decision to approach Tsinku - the spirit of Electricity.

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