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Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2011-02-06 06:36 pm

Fuda # 18 | Sock 'n' roll.

[Today Tsuzuki's network post is arranged by his two sock-puppets. Literally. He's wearing a colorful sock on each hand, trying to be anonymous. One of the sock-puppets hold up a sign with a flying, fat baby on it. It's holding a bow and arrow.]

Greetings everyone!

My name is Sock!

My name is Sock Too!

Today we're going to talk about

Valentine's Day!

On Earth, it's common to give your valentine chocolates or a card on the 14th of february. It means you really like them! Then, if they like you back, on White Day they give you chocolate in return!

What if my valentine isn't in Luceti anymore?

That's easy. You still write them a card, but we put them in... this! [Some fumbling later, Tsuzuki produces a heavy box with a heart on top. He makes the sock-puppets open it with a creak.]

That way, when your valentine returns to Luceti, you can show them this card. Then they'll know you never forgot about them!

[He tries to reach for the off-button on his communicator, and ends up showing half his face. And he still can't press the right button.]

Oh damnit.

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