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Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2011-04-20 06:42 pm
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Fuda # 20 | Event. [written/action]

That was a weird shift.

In any case, the hospital is up to speed again, so could the patients that walked out during the shift please come back?

[He chews on the tip of his pen thoughtfully. There's not much to do until someone needs help. So since it's as close to a break that he can get, he picks a cookie out of his lunch bag.]

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People walked out of the hospital? Really?

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Well, they weren't here when I came to check up on them.

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That's bizarre. But I guess they couldn't be too sick.

[He totally runs out of the hospital early all the time.]

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Some of them have mental issues, though. They should be looked after.

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Oh... damn. Anyone I should keep an eye out for?

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No, I'll be able to find them. They're not dangerous to anyone but themselves, if I remember correctly.

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All right. Good luck finding everyone man. If you need help, you know, just ask.

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That isn't right. Do you need help rounding them up?

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Sure. It might help if you come and look at the list of names I have.

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Of course, I will try to get there as soon as possible, Tsuzuki.


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Did you need any help Asato? [She can't imagine how terrible it would be for sick people to suddenly wake up without anyone to help them through their illness.]


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Hey Nill. If you'd like to come down, I wouldn't mind the help. I'm sure Kazutaka would be glad to see you, too.


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I'd be happy to come help! I was about to bring him his lunch anyway, have you eaten yet?


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Nope! [Except for those cookies that were in his office, and those totally do not count.] It's been a while since I've seen you, Nill. How's Draco doing nowadays?


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I'll bring you something then! [Nill is always baking and cooking for her friends, after all. And if Asato hasn't eaten, all the more reason to bring him something!]

Draco's fine. He's growing up so fast, though he still loves his mother at least. [She smiles fondly after writing that. Most boys in the village whined and complained at their mothers, but Draco was such a good boy.]


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You're so sweet! I just know he'll be grateful to get such a nice surprise.

He's always seemed very attached to you. I think it's cute.