idealism: (Attention)
Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2011-06-15 10:31 am

Fuda # 23 | [video/Action] Event!

Draco, would it be possible for us to postpone the you-know-what? I have something that I need to do first. Thanks!

[Once the video message is over, Tsuzuki closes his journal.]

[It's not often he visits the library. It's often stuffy and too quiet, and he never remembers enough authors to consider the rows of books a treasure trove the way his partner does. However, today he is in luck. On the window sill, a sparrow tends to its nest, feeding three little baby-birds.]

[On the branch some feet away, a bird of prey watched the scene, just as interested as Tsuzuki.]

That isn't going to end well.

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