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Fuda # 25 | [action] Event!post - enemies

[Tsuzuki ducks to avoid an adorable flock of sparrows who are determined to impale him. As he gets up, he clutches his bag of cinnabons with suicidal determination.]

[He's too surprised to really be angry. Still, that doesn't mean he's going to surrender his treats without a fight. Tsuzuki swats at the sparrows, bolting for the bakery door.]

Bad birds! These are mine!
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[After a day of dodging and fighting monsters, vampire slaying, and ruined trips to the grocery store, a sugary sweet pick-me-up is exactly what Ginia needs.

Though it looks like those treats won't be so easy to come by. With some odd amusement, Ginia watches the sparrows dive and flap their wings at the poor man. But never one to stand idle while someone is getting hurt, Ginia sheds her coat as she runs toward him, swinging it at the birds once she's close.]

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[Realizing that he's not alone, he quickly grabs a hold of her elbow with his free hand. Although they're small, their little claws are sharp and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Tsuzuki jumps to the side to avoid a furious bird diving down towards them.]

Wait! Let's get inside!
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[While the flailing coat is enough to keep the birds at bay, getting inside is a much better idea. Giving a quick nod in Tsuzuki's direction, she keeps her eyes on the birds, still flapping her coat at them, as she backs toward the door.]

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[If he had known a coat could be that effective, he would have taken his own with him to the bakery. Hindsight is 20/20.]

[Rushing to the door, he squeezes against the doorframe to let her pass under his raised arm. Introductions will have to wait until they're not struggling with the feathered menace.]
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[Far better than bludgeoning them with something else. They're still just sparrows. Harmless, dive-bombing sparrows out to eat all your delicious baked goods.

Ginia runs inside and heaves a tiny sigh, shaking feathers off her coat. Who would have thought such cute birds could be so vicious? At least she's at her intended destination. And is that cheesecake?

However, that is not the main point. Ginia turns to her company and gives a polite bow, then takes out a notepad to write him a message.]

Are you okay?

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[Monsters and hazards everywhere, and Tsuzuki goes out for snacks. It figures. Hisoka watches him from the window, calling out of it impassively.]

Just put the stupid bread down, Idiot.

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[But he will use the bag of food to shield his head. Tsuzuki jumps back in alarm as one of the bird aims for his eyes. It's best to go inside again, he realizes, and slowly backs towards the bakery door.]

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Fine. Let them peck your eyes out. [And SLAMMING THE WINDOW SHUT FOR EMPHASIS. Tsuzuki can take care of himself once he stops being stubborn and stupid.]

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What? Hisoka! [WHO ARE YOU CALLING STU--wait a minute. Tsuzuki fumbles with his pocket, swiftly drawing out a fuda designed to shield himself. He'd never use such a thing against animals normally, and he backs up against the bakery door quickly after. He doesn't want the cute little birds to break their necks on the invisible field, so he rushes inside and closes the door firmly behind him.]

[Only to realize that he dropped the bag of food in the kerfluffle. It's lying on the ground outside.]
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[PROTECT THE CINNABONS! And the bag of pastries that Link has as well - he is not giving up his double chocolate brownie or his strawberry danish without a fight.] Go away, birds! [Yeah, see how you like that shield bash, sparrows.]

[And all this for their delicious baked goods :( ]

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Link, be careful!

[Who wouldn't want to risk their life for a strawberry Danish? He tries to run to Link's side, but has to keep an eye on the birds, too. The result is that Tsuzuki appears to do an odd little dance, before his common sense catches up to him and he draws out a slip of shield fuda for temporary cover.]

The birds have gone crazy!
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These are worse than the guays! [At least they didn't go after delicious baked goods! Tucking the bag under his other arm and making sure that Tsuzuki is out of range, he crouches suddenly, slamming his palm to the ground and releasing Din's Fire.]

[Crispy sparrows - or, at least, crispy sparrows if they had actually stuck around after the attack.]

Got them - let's get inside!
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[For now, Draco's managed to escape the sights of the werewolf-shaped Boggart that was chasing him through the village and instead he finds himself watching...

...what the bloody hell is he watching.]

The hell are you doing?


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Defending my breakfast! [He blurts out, and because he's unfocused for a moment, he ends up with a furious sparrow pecking at his head.] Ow!
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[...okay sorry, he's just going to start laughing. This is really actually kind of hilarious to see a grown man being attacked by a tiny bird.]

Just get some other food then!


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No! It's the principle of the thing! [NMormally he'd see the humor in it, but he's feeling awkward because he's trying not to hurt the vicious little buggers. BAD BIRDS GO AWAY.]

[This calls for extreme measures. Tsuzuki shoves as much of the cinnabon as he can, into his mouth. The birds shriek furiously and goes straight for his stomach. His surprised yelp is muffled.]
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The principle seems to be that the bird's relentless. You're going to choke on that.


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[His reply is a muffled, irritated whine, sounding possibly like "I haven't choked on anything yet." or perhaps "These birds are going to be the death of me!" but as the birds dive towards him, Tsuzuki acts purely on instinct. Before they make any damage, he pulls out a slip of paper, putting a shield between him and them.]

[He swallows most of his bun, turning to Draco.]

Let's get into the bakery!
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[personal profile] hisdarkmark 2011-08-28 06:16 am (UTC)(link) did you just do that? [Yeah he's not moving, just watching that bird and that piece of paper.]