idealism: (It spoke!  Shock and awe.)
Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] idealism) wrote2011-09-07 07:13 pm
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Fuda # 26 | [video] The cake is not a lie.

[The feed begins shakily, because Tsuzuki is trying to use it has a camcorder.]Be careful with him. He's still just a baby.

[Hisoka sounds exasperated, flipping a page in his book. Tsuzuki lifts his journal so he comes into focus: one of Hisoka's wings is clearly missing.] Tsuzuki, all cats land on their feet.

Are you sure? I mean, what if it's -

[Tsuzuki jumps out of his chair, putting his journal down briskly. From the camera's view, it looks like the world is turned upside down.]
Poor Cake!

[The kitten is nowhere in sight. A confused mewling comes from beneath the couch. Why did the ground try to swallow him, humans? D:]

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