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2014-11-11 05:04 pm
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Luceti | Appointments

[Does your character needs to get a hold of Tsuzuki in game? This is where they can reach him! Please remember to label threads with method of contact and date.]
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2013-11-08 10:21 am

Fuda #46 [action]

[When he woke up, Hisoka was gone.

This was for the better. His partner had finally gotten to go home. Now he would forget how hurt he was after Draco left. Now he would forget how badly Tsuzuki had ruined their partnership. Hisoka deserved that much, to get the chance to be happy again.

Tsuzuki didn't expect the same to become true for him. After all, he was the one that always ended up staying behind.

Thinking too much about it sapped his strength, filling his eyes with tears. There was no point in going outside. He should have let others know that his partner had left, but like with any sort of bereavement, it was much easier to pretend that the problem wasn't there. At least that way he could hold himself together by the fraying edges, trying to keep the yawning loneliness at bay.]
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2013-10-15 09:22 pm

Fuda #45 [video]

[Locked from Hisoka Kurosaki by 20%]

I have a request to make. I understand if you don't want to, but I figured I'd try anyway.

In a couple of days, a really good friend of mine celebrates his birthday. Now, he hasn't had a good year. I 'd throw him a party, but he made me promise not to. But he didn't make me promise this. So.

If you see him on the 18th, would you wish him a happy birthday?

[Tsuzuki runs his fingers through his hair, wondering how to proceed. He grabs a piece of paper and a pencil.]

His name is Hisoka and he's normally not very talkative. Uhm. Doesn't smile a lot? He looks like this. Sort of. Anyway, I think he'd really appreciate it.
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2013-08-18 02:27 am

Fuda #44 [action]

[It had been so long since had a real family, that when the event is over and the delusion lifts, he doesn't want to believe it's true. Still, as much as he tries he understood that the life he wanted is the dream, and the reality isn't anything like what he expected.]

He is glad to know Hisoka again, of course. His partner was as close to family as he could get. Tsuzuki knows he isn't as alone as he feels.]

[Tsuzuki needs some space to think. He misses Seto and Helios and their strange, lovable family. It isn't fair they had to give it up. He walks out of the house and goes through the city, but that's not enough. IN the end, he arrives at a familiar hill, at a familiar tree. He begins to climb on autopilot, not stopping until he's a couple of meters over the ground. Maybe things will make more sense if he can see the bigger picture from there.]
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2013-07-06 06:56 pm

Fuda #43 [action/video]

New Feather season, huh? Welcome to town. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. Even if it's just questions about where to go to get good tea. I hope you'll feel at home soon.

Hey, speaking of homes, does anyone know how to build tree forts here? I know we have some built outside of town, so there's got to be someone who knows. Man, I hope not all the builders have left by now.
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2013-05-13 07:29 pm
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Fuda #42 [action/video]

[If anyone walks past house 25 today, they will notice that is looks dark and abandoned. On the front door, someone has nailed a piece of paper. It says:

Hisoka and I has moved to Community house 5, room 4 on the ground floor. Draco has gone home.


[The room number is underlined twice.  He doesn't want anyone to come to the wrong part of the building by mistake. 

There are too many goodbyes. After a while the body simply doesn't have enough energy to grieve for all of them, no matter how much it wants to. Tsuzuki doesn't know how to deal with it just yet, but he does know that he needs to at least pretend things are fine.  That's why he takes his normal trip to the bakery and then to the temple during the rainy day.  Rei is nowhere to be found at the temple, which is a huge red flag to him.  She would have never left it without telling anyone.  He does his best to make the temple stay clean and welcoming while he waits for her to come back.

When he goes to his new home, he makes sure to bring some real green and some snacks for Hisoka, as a way to try to cheer him up.]

Sorry about the mess.  Do you want some help with the unpacking?

[Once he's hung his coat to dry, he opens his journal and presses the video function.]

I see we've gotten some more new people in town.  How are you all settling in?

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2013-03-11 07:21 pm

Fuda #41 [action/video]

[It had been a pretty sucky week. Tsuzuki doesn't want to show Hisoka the letters Yuri left for them when she was sent home. He suspects his partner is taking her disappearance hard enough as it is. But what is he supposed to do?]

[The answer is to pretend there's no problem. He taps his pen on the paper as he thinks, turning to the journal eventually.]

Out of curiosity, if you could only choose one word to describe your best friend, what would it be?
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2013-02-10 04:00 pm

Fuda #40 [video]

[Tsuzuki has wanted to avoid making this video, but he doesn't see any other way. During the weeks since Hisoka came back from his abduction, he simply hasn't fared well. He's even gotten worse, which made no sense. Now that it's gotten to the point where he can't leave the house any more, he's quickly running out of options.]

This might sound like an odd request, but... I know we have several healers in town. Who are the strongest ones?

[He looks over his shoulder to make sure Hisoka is nowhere around.]

....I suppose doctors could work, as well. The bottom line is, I need help.
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2013-01-26 05:54 pm
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EVENT: 4th wall

[Tsuzuki is a bit preoccupied. Not only is he in the bakery, but he's been lucky enough to find a deck of cards in town. Right now, he's building a large tower.]

[Be careful, just a gust of wind is enough to tear it down.]
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2012-11-16 12:40 pm

Fuda #39 [video]

Just how long can someone stay dead here? Draco has been gone for over a week and he still hasn't come home.

[He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. It's worrying. Hisoka won't take it well if Draco doesn't return soon, and he doesn't know how much his sensitive partner can take.]

[Already regretting he put his thoughts in the journal, he changes the subject.]

Anyway. Welcome to town, new people. I'm Tsuzuki. If you need any help finding a place to stay, or just want to find a temple, I'm always around.

[In fact, if anyone is out to find him, they will be able to find him just where he'd sending the video from, the Tsukino Shrine. Later in the day he will take a walk in the woods to clear his head.]
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2012-11-03 01:22 pm

Fuda #38 [video]

[Despite the nice break, the week's been filled with death and ghosts. It makes him think about the cycle of life and death, how easily the balance can be disturbed.

Up until now, Tsuzuki hasn't seen the afterworld that is unique to Luceti. He knows it must exist, though.]

What is the afterlife like, back where you come from?

[Locked to Hisoka, easily hacked.]

Draco hasn't come back yet, has he? He should have been back by now.
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2012-10-21 07:10 pm
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Fuda #37 [video/action] backdated to the 18th

[Tsuzuki's never quite gotten used to how time works in Luceti. It seems like the years practically run past him. It's not that long since last october. He can still remember how badly Hisoka seemed to feel on this day.

He leaves an elaborate origami bird on the pillow, smoothing down the bed sheets. Happy birthday, partner. Tsuzuki knows he doesn't want any fuss, so he will stay out of Hisoka's way today.

Later, he can be found outside of the temple, testing out his new broom on the autumn leaves. The new place reminds him of home. It goes without saying that he wants to take care of it. There are precious few things left in Luceti that has any trace of home left.

He rests against his broom, looking at the piles of leaves. From looking at them you'd never think they were a lot of work, but his back apparently feels they were.]
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2012-09-18 06:05 pm
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Fuda #36 [video/action] The last apples of the season

Welcome, New Feathers! I'm Tsuzuki. Uhm, if anyone's stuck I can show you around the place. I haven't gotten lost in ages!


[Later, at the bakery, Tsuzuki pushes a large basket with apples up on the counter. There's even a sign with FREE APPLES on it. It's late in the apple season, so it's time to salvage as many of them as possible. ...Even though they're awfully heavy if you have to carry them for extended periods of time.]

So I don't suppose you could use some apples for baking?
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2012-07-15 12:54 pm

Fuda #35 [action/written]

[It's a quiet, sunny day in Luceti. At least, until Tsuzuki is unceremoniously returned from his Mallynapping and tossed into the lake. Hacking and coughing, he swims to shore. He doesn't care who hears him, all he wants is the attention of the robots.

It's not working out as well as he'd like.]

COME BACK! You can't just keep him there!

[After a lot of railing against the sky since the Malnosso is not listening, Tsuzuki slinks home to dry up. People who follow the journal system will notice a comment written a while later.]

What day is it?
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2012-05-24 11:31 pm
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Fuda #34

[This time around, all Tsuzuki recorded was his slurred voice.]

What do you mix -- get if you mix vodka, liquor and raspberry juice?

[A long pause. There''s a clink of the glass. Consider how full of suck the world has been lately, it's a great day for drinking.]

Tatsumi's gone. His things were gone when I checked. There's not a lot of people left now.

So it's time to drink to them.
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2012-04-21 03:58 pm

Fuda #33 . reaching out [video]

I don't suppose anyone here is good at chopping wood? And heaving lifting.

[If anyone thinks that's a loaded question: it definitely is. For a couple of days now he's been working on a campsite, and it's a lot more work - and a lot less fun - than he expected. It's great at keeping his mind off of less pleasant thoughts, however. Working out usually is.]

[Later in the day, he makes a post that he hasn't looked forward to. His little Luceti family has shrunk so much lately. Tsuzuki knows that it's for the best - that going home is good for them - but he still can't help missing them.]

Link's gone home. He's left letters for some people.

I just felt like some people ought to know.
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2012-04-07 11:38 pm

Fuda # 32 | And no play

[If anyone's out in the woods today, they might run into a rather lost kid. Tsuzuki wasn't caught in the event, instead he was lucky enough to get mallynapped.]

[The result is that he's not entirely sure where he is anymore. He staggers through the woods until he reaches the clearing by the library. The fountain is pretty enough that he forgets to be careful, and slowly walks out towards it. He looks around, before dipping his fingers in the cool water.]

Hello, fish.
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2012-03-24 11:14 am
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Fuda # 31 | All work

[Building a proper fire pit is hard. Tsuzuki is learning this, one rock at a time.

If anyone's out in the western forest around noon, he's busy setting up the bare necessities for a campsite. With luck, they'll have a proper camping place ready for the spring, at worst the summer. Having someplace to grill marshmallows and tell ghost stories is important, okay.]

Owww, my back. This wasn't a good idea...