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I don't suppose anyone here is good at chopping wood? And heaving lifting.

[If anyone thinks that's a loaded question: it definitely is. For a couple of days now he's been working on a campsite, and it's a lot more work - and a lot less fun - than he expected. It's great at keeping his mind off of less pleasant thoughts, however. Working out usually is.]

[Later in the day, he makes a post that he hasn't looked forward to. His little Luceti family has shrunk so much lately. Tsuzuki knows that it's for the best - that going home is good for them - but he still can't help missing them.]

Link's gone home. He's left letters for some people.

I just felt like some people ought to know.
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[If anyone's out in the woods today, they might run into a rather lost kid. Tsuzuki wasn't caught in the event, instead he was lucky enough to get mallynapped.]

[The result is that he's not entirely sure where he is anymore. He staggers through the woods until he reaches the clearing by the library. The fountain is pretty enough that he forgets to be careful, and slowly walks out towards it. He looks around, before dipping his fingers in the cool water.]

Hello, fish.
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[Building a proper fire pit is hard. Tsuzuki is learning this, one rock at a time.

If anyone's out in the western forest around noon, he's busy setting up the bare necessities for a campsite. With luck, they'll have a proper camping place ready for the spring, at worst the summer. Having someplace to grill marshmallows and tell ghost stories is important, okay.]

Owww, my back. This wasn't a good idea...
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[ooc: this is happening after a very gory fight that's going to require that they take some time healing up.]

[Locked] to the best of Tsuzuki's ability )

[Later in the same day, Tsuzuki does some groceries. Just because he has to take care of Hisoka and Draco at home doesn't mean he can avoid those chores. He studies his note seriously, wondering where he can find olive oil and cheese. If anyone wants to run into him, now is the chance.]
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[The feed begins shakily, because Tsuzuki is trying to use it has a camcorder.]Be careful with him. He's still just a baby.

[Hisoka sounds exasperated, flipping a page in his book. Tsuzuki lifts his journal so he comes into focus: one of Hisoka's wings is clearly missing.] Tsuzuki, all cats land on their feet.

Are you sure? I mean, what if it's -

Then this happens. )
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[Tsuzuki ducks to avoid an adorable flock of sparrows who are determined to impale him. As he gets up, he clutches his bag of cinnabons with suicidal determination.]

[He's too surprised to really be angry. Still, that doesn't mean he's going to surrender his treats without a fight. Tsuzuki swats at the sparrows, bolting for the bakery door.]

Bad birds! These are mine!
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[Today Tsuzuki's network post is arranged by his two sock-puppets. Literally. He's wearing a colorful sock on each hand, trying to be anonymous. One of the sock-puppets hold up a sign with a flying, fat baby on it. It's holding a bow and arrow.]

Greetings everyone!

My name is Sock!

My name is Sock Too!

Today we're going to talk about

Valentine's Day! )
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Is it just me, or did a lot of new feathers show up lately? ...I hope this means Hisoka will come back soon.

Anyway, I've been trying to count how many types of animals are around. So far I've seen squirrels, dead bees, a giant white dog and a deer. Oh, and Foot, Draco and Epona, but they're domesticated. Sort of.

What kind of animals have you seen in the nearby forest?
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Duo and Link's just gotten home, and now Hisoka and Hijiri have been mallynapped. At least I think they have- Hisoka wouldn't have left without telling me. I hope. I wish he'd woken me up. Does anyone know how long a regular abduction lasts?

Oh. And greetings to the new feathers. Are you settling in all right? If you have any extra time, feel free to come down to the garden. Elicia and I will be attempting to plant candy trees.
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What a chaotic place. No matter.

I am looking for a boy with a contract in his right eye. Where is he?

[ooc: Cheatsheet is here.]

Fuda # 3

May. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm
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[Tsuzuki is sitting outside in the warm weather. He's making small paper cranes, which transforms into birds. This drains on the remains of his magic. Some fly off, while others grow tired and fall to the ground.

He also, for some reason, have several water balloons resting by his ankles that he looks like he has forgotten.]
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[I should have known better than to fix the frying pan with duct tape before using it. Those pancakes really didn't taste good. Not even with syrup. ...Hisoka looks thoughtful today. Maybe he's daydreaming. I wish I knew--

T-there's got to be a way for this not to be readable. Is it possible to lie when it records this? Testing. My eyes are blu...rple. B- bl-p--ewwwple. Purple. :/

Maybe if I count sheep for the rest of my days I'll be safe. One sheep, two sheep, three...]

Hijiri, I'm going to plant flowers today! So if there's anything you and Duo want under your windows, let me know. And sorry about the mess in the kitchen, I'll try to clean it up later, and get a new frying pan. The old one practically fell apart.


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