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Fuda #38 [video]

[Despite the nice break, the week's been filled with death and ghosts. It makes him think about the cycle of life and death, how easily the balance can be disturbed.

Up until now, Tsuzuki hasn't seen the afterworld that is unique to Luceti. He knows it must exist, though.]

What is the afterlife like, back where you come from?

[Locked to Hisoka, easily hacked.]

Draco hasn't come back yet, has he? He should have been back by now.
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Re: [video] - enjoy the Vulcan! XD

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Vulcan philosophy can be summarized thus... Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. Every race has its various belief system, and each are unique and to be respected. Your belief of the afterlife is meant to bring a sense of comfort...

Yet, you do not seem comforted correct?
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Re: [video] :3

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[Spock shows concern...]

It is what was implied.
It seems to be apart of societal norm to be unsure and question certain philosophies... What are your specific concerns?
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Re: [video]

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Ah yes, peace. A rather fascinating concept that is vaguely defined, and yet entirely personal.
And yet, death, the result of life and the epitome of 'peace' is continuously questioned.

However, I agree with you, this place does not instill peace, quite the opposite in fact. I can see why you would question this concept.

Punishing a being for dying is illogical.
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Re: [video]

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It is most unfortunate that we are in a place with little authority and ethics. However, we must not let these circumstances affect us to the point of self-doubt and emotionalism.
We are essentially being held captive, and we abide by our captors rules... though I do not suggest that we just allow these things to happen. On the contrary, I would encourage fighting back.

But do not question the constructs that make you who you are.
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Re: [video] - dude! I like your character! ^_^

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[Spock takes a moment to consider before answering... he had to think human for this....]

On the contrary. If they are indeed your friends then your very presence when they return from such a state is helping.

Do not devalue yourself.
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Re: [video] <3

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I do indeed.

[Because even Vulcans find solace in the company of family, or those who are considered 'close'.]

What is it that made you believe that you were not enough for the task? [Yes, Spock asks the tough questions...]
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Re: [video]

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Feelings such as these do not simply emerge from nothing, they are usually based from previous experiences. However... if these feelings are generated due to self depreciation, that is illogical.

I encourage you to not let these negative feelings overwhelm you. However, if you want to talk and inform me why you feel inadequate for the purpose of unburdening, [And here Spock seems to settle into what looks like a couch..] I will listen.
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Re: [video]

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I did not mean to imply that you were Mister Tsuzuki.. though you do remind me of my Captain when he chooses to be self-depreciating at the most illogical times. A most interesting 'human' notion...

Thanks are unnecessary... and your offer is noted. [Now it is Spock's turn to be quiet... getting him to talk would be about as pleasant as getting a root-canal. And Spock seems to conveniently forget that he is half-human...]
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Re: [video]

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My Captain would have everyone believe that he is confident in everything he does. And though he is successful with most people... I am not 'most people'. He continuously doubts himself... and I do not know how to respond. However, his success rate is over ninety percent, so he need not doubt himself so much. [Spock....was rambling. For a Vulcan. He is not used to speaking about his Captain, because in all honesty? His Captain frustrates him to no end, and he does not know what to do when it comes to dealing with the person...not the Captain.]
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Re: [video]

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[Spock looks at the screen in confusion regarding the statement about 'trust', and raises an eyebrow...]

That is a matter of personal opinion. I do not know the Captain's thoughts on the matter.
Though it does seem as though we work well as a command team, and that requires a certain amount of trust.

[Spock looks at Tsuzuki again...] Do not let second guessing hinder you. It is as you say, a normal human response.
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Re: [video]

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[Spock considers the man on the screen for a moment...]

Perhaps you would be amenable to meeting in person at a later date?
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Re: [video]

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Very well, I have not yet had the chance to visit that establishment.

I will meet you there momentarily.

[The screen goes blank, and Spock makes his way to the bakery.]
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Re: [video->action] haha! XD

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[Spock is waiting in the bakery, his back to the door and observing his surroundings...]

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