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Fuda #38 [video]

[Despite the nice break, the week's been filled with death and ghosts. It makes him think about the cycle of life and death, how easily the balance can be disturbed.

Up until now, Tsuzuki hasn't seen the afterworld that is unique to Luceti. He knows it must exist, though.]

What is the afterlife like, back where you come from?

[Locked to Hisoka, easily hacked.]

Draco hasn't come back yet, has he? He should have been back by now.
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I see... then you can use it to correct yourself. To protect yourself from harm.

[Aww, Eley can still hear the sincerity in his voice though. He can feel that understanding.]

I cannot know the exact reason. All I know is that technology became more widespread and the humans began to rely on their own strengths, rather than the strength of us Spirits. Many started to believe that we did not even exist in the first place... it became impossible to communicate with them.
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[Voice] fff you just make me more and more curious |D

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...the internet?

[Way to throw him off completely, Tsuzuki, he has no idea what that is.]

Is that the name of another plane of existence, perhaps? A web connected to other worlds?