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Fuda #38 [video]

[Despite the nice break, the week's been filled with death and ghosts. It makes him think about the cycle of life and death, how easily the balance can be disturbed.

Up until now, Tsuzuki hasn't seen the afterworld that is unique to Luceti. He knows it must exist, though.]

What is the afterlife like, back where you come from?

[Locked to Hisoka, easily hacked.]

Draco hasn't come back yet, has he? He should have been back by now.
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[He curls into Tsuzuki's offered body, trembling.]

We're not supposed to get close.
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[He lets the hug linger for a while longer, but eventually pulls himself to his feet, still leaning against Tsuzuki and attempting to shield his wet eyes.]

I should be able to control it. I'm better than this.
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[He's more ashamed of being seen by the other library patrons. He's positive they're all staring at him. It's disgraceful. He ignores the napkin and tries to press Tsuzuki faster, to seek refuge somewhere away from the danger of being spotted.]
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[He nods, falling into whatever direction Tsuzuki wanted to lead them in.]

Real home though.
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[He's fine to follow right now. It's easier than trying to find a path on his own.]

I don't care what he thinks.
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I don't need friends.
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No I don't.

[He just needs Tsuzuki right now.]
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[None of that work mattered. It didn't make any of them stay. It didn't make any of them want to stay. It was a fool's errand.

He lets the hug happen, burrowing as much into Tsuzuki's body as he can manage.]

Why not? It's true.
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I'm not afraid of anything.