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Fuda #38 [video]

[Despite the nice break, the week's been filled with death and ghosts. It makes him think about the cycle of life and death, how easily the balance can be disturbed.

Up until now, Tsuzuki hasn't seen the afterworld that is unique to Luceti. He knows it must exist, though.]

What is the afterlife like, back where you come from?

[Locked to Hisoka, easily hacked.]

Draco hasn't come back yet, has he? He should have been back by now.
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It would hard to speak with a tongue that has rotted away, don't you think?
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I can sense when there is Death or the Dead nearby but finding the Dead isn't the problem, it's dealing with them. The Old Kingdom is almost more Dead than alive right now.
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[Tsuzuki probably doesn't realize how much those words sting her. For a moment she is silent, her expression a touch more closed than when they had first started speaking.]

The Abhorsen bloodline is the only one that can use Necromancy to bind the Dead without becoming corrupted by the Free magic required for it. As such, my family has been hunted by the Dead Adept that started the decline of the Old Kingdom for two hundred years.

My sister and I are the only survivors.