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[Tsuzuki looks at the camera, slightly troubled. His furry ear twitches as he turns towards the door. He goes to check on it, apparently whining softly.]

Did you hear that?

[ooc: Tsuzuki's dressed as a puppy. I will be responding with [ profile] puppybegsyou instead of [ profile] purpledemoneyes sometimes.]
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I'm so sorry. I know that's not enough, but.... To the people I hurt, I know you probably can't forgive me, but I'm still so sorry.

[Audio end.]
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What a chaotic place. No matter.

I am looking for a boy with a contract in his right eye. Where is he?

[ooc: Cheatsheet is here.]
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[I should have known better than to fix the frying pan with duct tape before using it. Those pancakes really didn't taste good. Not even with syrup. ...Hisoka looks thoughtful today. Maybe he's daydreaming. I wish I knew--

T-there's got to be a way for this not to be readable. Is it possible to lie when it records this? Testing. My eyes are blu...rple. B- bl-p--ewwwple. Purple. :/

Maybe if I count sheep for the rest of my days I'll be safe. One sheep, two sheep, three...]

Hijiri, I'm going to plant flowers today! So if there's anything you and Duo want under your windows, let me know. And sorry about the mess in the kitchen, I'll try to clean it up later, and get a new frying pan. The old one practically fell apart.


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