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Fuda # 29 | [video/failed filter]

Okay, I know this might be a stupid question but....

[He looks over his shoulder. It appears the coast is clear. He turns back, lowering his voice.]

Just how are you supposed to keep your wings groomed, exactly? Are you supposed to brush them? In that case, with what? It's a lot harder to do it yourself than I imagined.
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[personal profile] cynicism 2012-01-24 11:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[Idiot. Draco wouldn't make stupid posts like this, you know.]

Apparently, you find someone stupidly sentimental enough to babysit you, if one goes by your example.
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Out. [Out with his magical BFF who has magic warming abilities in the freezing cold weather, nyyah.]

What did you get yourself into this time?
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What are you doing in the-- [...No. No, he doesn't really want to know.]

Shall I pick up some shears on my way home?
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Sounds like I don't have much of a choice in the matter.
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TSUZUKI! If you're going to say stupid things, learn how to filter!


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Shut up.

[And then, behind him:] You shut up too!
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[Voice] /cuts in don't mind me

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[And it's not long before a British drawl pops up in that conversation.

Well. Not so much a drawl as laughing.]

Seriously? Seriously?


[personal profile] cynicism 2012-01-29 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
Yes he is. Dumbass.

And you. Stop laughing. Come help me pull my idiot partner out of a rose bush.
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'lo, Tsuzuki. [So much blackmail material you've no idea.]

[Except what. What even.] Why do I have to help?!
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You have to help because you're the one who thought it was funny.

Tsuzuki. Shut. Up.
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Draco doesn't wish to know these things though, that's the problem.

So because I laughed, I actually have to help? What kind of a logic is that?
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You ask for help, of course. [ Or you have telekinesis. ]
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Not at the moment, hee hee. Why?
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Why of course I'll help you!
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Is that the same place you carried me to that one time? [ Where he blew up the door frame? ]
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I might be. But I think we just answered your other question.

Shall I come over?
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I wouldn't exactly call it scaring. [ But at least Tsuzuki has now learned the important of lesson of don't mess with Josh when something's going wrong. Luckily the person to try it before him wound up with a bullet wound through the chest, so Tsuzuki got off lightly! ] But I'll be there soon.
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...well it's not like they're hair. [It's a silly question, but at the same time it's a good question...not really something he's thought about.] You'd think flapping them a few times to straighten them out would be good enough.
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Are they bothering you that much?
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Ouch. [A thought.] You probably shouldn't do that.
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What were you doing near a rose bush in the winter anyway?
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I didn't think most plants even survived the snow, let alone roses. What's special about them anyway?
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oh Tsuzuki... such fail. Such, such fail. XD Also [Voice!]

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Don't they normally do that on their own?