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Fuda #46 [action]

[When he woke up, Hisoka was gone.

This was for the better. His partner had finally gotten to go home. Now he would forget how hurt he was after Draco left. Now he would forget how badly Tsuzuki had ruined their partnership. Hisoka deserved that much, to get the chance to be happy again.

Tsuzuki didn't expect the same to become true for him. After all, he was the one that always ended up staying behind.

Thinking too much about it sapped his strength, filling his eyes with tears. There was no point in going outside. He should have let others know that his partner had left, but like with any sort of bereavement, it was much easier to pretend that the problem wasn't there. At least that way he could hold himself together by the fraying edges, trying to keep the yawning loneliness at bay.]
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[But the longer he stayed away, the more Eley began to notice. He knew that some people liked their space, and he tried to give them that space as much as possible. He too needed to be alone at times. Yet he found it more difficult when he began to worry for those he was close to... He wanted to be there and try to help in any way he could.

After deliberating over it for some time, the Spirit finally made the decision to go to Tsuzuki's apartment in an attempt to find out what was going on. He was starting to wonder if he was even still in Luceti anymore.

Knock, knock!]
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[The absence of any sound or movement just seems to cause Eley even more concern. Maybe he really did go home after all... or had he been kidnapped by the Malnosso?

He was just about to leave when someone finally opened the door. Unfortunately, seeing the state Tsuzuki was in doesn't really lessen the concern he felt for his friend.]

...Tsuzuki. Is something wrong?

[At least he's direct about it.]

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[At this point it was impossible to tell what Tsuzuki meant by 'lost'. People who died in Luceti usually came back, didn't they? While the circumstances around that might still be traumatic, something told Eley that he probably wouldn't be coming back, or at least that was what Tsuzuki felt.

Whatever had happened, what really mattered right now was how he felt and what Eley could do about it...]

...I am sorry. You were already expressing discomfort over the loss of friends and now...

[He offers a gentle hand on his friend's shoulder. He still wasn't particularly great at knowing what to physically do in these circumstances, but... it was something.]

It will be all right.
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[Since Tsuzuki wouldn't look at him, Eley hadn't noticed the tears at first... not until he started wiping at them. And truthfully, Eley wasn't sure what to do in this situation. Should he try to think of what another person would do and act like a human? Or should he try to console him as a Spirit would do? Somehow the latter option didn't feel personal enough... but what exactly did humans do when their friends were in such a state?

Well... he was sure he couldn't do much just standing at the door talking at him, so he leans down a little, trying to catch Tsuzuki's eye.]

May I come inside? You should not be alone when you are feeling this way.
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[Of course he wasn't, but Eley wasn't offended by it.]

Thank you.

[He says, offering a gentle nod of understanding as he stepped inside. Normally he would be the guest in this situation and Tsuzuki was the one trying to make him feel more comfortable. Yes, he still didn't like confined spaces, but if a friend was in need of him, he wouldn't push them aside for that. You knew he was serious when he walked in without a moment's hesitation.

Eley didn't sit down yet. Instead he headed over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He offers it to Tsuzuki, feeling that it perhaps wasn't the best cure for his depression, but the thought was there all the same, right?]

Here. Refresh yourself. It is only natural to grieve for what you have lost, but you must not let it consume you.
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[Eley sits beside him, still watching him carefully. He can't recall ever seeing his friend like this and he realises that his concern is steadily growing into a fear. Was there anything he could do, really? Was it even right that he should be here? The silence fills the room, steadily making the atmosphere heavier and more awkward. Eley shifts a little, unsettled.

He gives a soft sigh. Sometimes he wished he wasn't so useless at this human thing.]

You know that I am... inexperienced with these matters, for which I am sorry. Yet I do want to help. I... do not like to see you this way. If there is anything I can do...
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[Ah, of course. Why didn't Eley think of that? Maybe because he was so often not used to being touched, let alone embraced, and it was always Tsuzuki who was the one to hug him first...

The Spirit hesitates a little out of instinct, but he does feel at least a little better himself, knowing that he can offer something, no matter how small. So wordlessly, he leans over and hugs his friend, hoping that it might quell the bad feelings even if just a little.]

...I hope I am doing this right. [He says after a moment. He might be blushing a little too, but Tsuzuki can't see him right now at least.]

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[He wasn't sure how long they stayed like that, the Spirit just letting him cry out his pain and holding onto him for however long he needed to. One thing was certain though, Eley didn't want to leave Tsuzuki alone. Not like this. He wondered if he might tolerate staying here for a while, just until the other man got back on his feet. Somehow he felt that someone better versed in human ways of living would be more beneficial to him, but he didn't know who to turn to yet.

Finally he spoke, though his voice was soft and careful. It was almost as if he was afraid of breaking his friend, he seemed so fragile. He didn't let go though, not until Tsuzuki made the move first.]

If you would not object, I can stay here for a while. At least until the intensity of your pain has passed. I fear for you, should you be left on your own... I do not think I could leave in good conscience.
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[The question only seems to confuse Eley though, as if he couldn't see why he wouldn't offer to help Tsuzuki.

Well... perhaps it would have been easy for him before. He was supposed to live apart from humans after all, not get wrapped up in their own personal affairs. It was really rather impossible for him to lead the same life in Luceti though, he found, especially when he was competing with a very human set of emotions himself.

Eley rests back on the couch, trying to relax.]

You are my friend... is it not right that I should stay by your side when you are feeling sad? Besides, you have offered me comfort when I have felt down before. I should return the respect you showed towards me.

[He pauses and looks down at his hands, playing with them as if anxious.]

I only wish that there was more I could do...
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...I am?

[For once, for just a moment, he barely registered the hug, just let the man embrace him and sank into the warmth of his arms. It was true that people had called him friend, but he had never really thought about what it meant to be a 'good' friend. That anyone should think that of him was a surprise, albeit not an unwelcome one.

He didn't want to see anymore tears though, good or bad (though to Eley, he assumed all tears to be a negative thing). While he understood the importance of Tsuzuki letting his emotions go, he did hope that it would stop soon as he held him gently, and closed his eyes.]

Our journey is not over, Tsuzuki, remember that. While people may come and go and while we may lose those who are important, we must not forget that there is still more to be done during our own stay.

I for one... am thankful that I can still learn more from you, and more about you. For there is much I do not know.
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[An exchange of information... It sounded fair enough, though Eley had to wonder just what Tsuzuki was wondering, and if it was something he could answer honestly, if at all. Still, could he really expect his friend to divulge information about himself without giving anything back?

The Spirit would have stayed anyway, at least for a while, but now it seemd that he had even more of a reason to do so. He gives a nod of approval.]

Then I will stay and I will tell you what I can. Though... I should ask you to be patient with me. I am not used to living inside these buildings.

[He was a little embarrassed to admit it but there were a lot of things in these places he'd never encountered before. If he started tinkering with things he didn't understand, things could potentially go very wrong, and he knew it.]
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[What could they do? Eley looked around the room as if trying to work out an answer from what he had around him.]

Well... to begin with there are many human machines I have never seen before. It may be wise to show me what to do with them while I stay here, or at least warn me about which ones not to touch.

[See? He knows his curiosity will get the better of him and if what's happened in the past is any indication, he'd end up hurting himself somehow.]

As for being inside, I find it a little more tolerable if the windows are open. Though I know it is cold now, so you may not wish to do that. Perhaps if I turn my focus to you, it will not be so bad.
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Ah, yes. That does sound like a good idea.

[He responds, getting to his feet himself. He's glad to see Tsuzuki up again, even smiling, even if he knows that things are likely to be difficult for him for some time. Seeing him so desperately sad... it hurt.]

I have at least some knowledge of the oven, though I have never used it myself, or unsupervised.

[He tilts his head a little.]

But there is a device used solely for toasting objects?
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[Eley doesn't protest much, not only because he wants to find out what Tsuzuki's up to himself, but because he feels he should perhaps be a bit more lenient towards the man for now and let him enjoy himself as he pleases. So he goes with Tsuzuki into the kitchen to find out exactly what his friend has in mind.

At least he'd used the oven before, or they might be in trouble when it comes to food. No, Tsuzuki had assured the Spirit that he knew what he was doing, and Eley trusted him enough to accept it.]

What exactly does 'having supper' involve?

[Okay so he wasn't exactly clued up on how people separated their meals...]
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[Have a Vulcan knocking at your door.]

[knock knock]
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Re: [Action]

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Greetings Mister Tsuzuki. Professor Helios has been teaching me to make pumpkin pies, and it was advised that I share baked goods with friends and acquaintances. I was compelled to come here.

[The Vulcan lifts a covered dish, with the pumpkin pie underneath.]

I hope that this is not a bad time.
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Re: [Action]

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[Spock couldn't help but notice the emotional atmosphere. Nevertheless, Spock steps over the threshold, and lets himself in.]

Thank you... though I cannot help but notice your emotional disposition. Are you well?
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Re: [Action]

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[Spock regards the young man for a moment, worry etched on his face.]

I grieve with thee Tsuzuki... this must be a very difficult time for you.