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[If anyone's out in the woods today, they might run into a rather lost kid. Tsuzuki wasn't caught in the event, instead he was lucky enough to get mallynapped.]

[The result is that he's not entirely sure where he is anymore. He staggers through the woods until he reaches the clearing by the library. The fountain is pretty enough that he forgets to be careful, and slowly walks out towards it. He looks around, before dipping his fingers in the cool water.]

Hello, fish.
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[ooc: this is happening after a very gory fight that's going to require that they take some time healing up.]

[Locked] to the best of Tsuzuki's ability )

[Later in the same day, Tsuzuki does some groceries. Just because he has to take care of Hisoka and Draco at home doesn't mean he can avoid those chores. He studies his note seriously, wondering where he can find olive oil and cheese. If anyone wants to run into him, now is the chance.]
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Welcome, new feathers. I hope you all found the way to the clothes shop. If any of you have any trouble finding a place to live, let me know!

I've been wondering, what did most people do for a living back home? I've heard a lot of strange tales about jobs I didn't even know existed.

[If anyone's out and about, Tsuzuki is taking a well-deserved break by the big fountain. After spending the morning with his plants, he's now playing with the water.]


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