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[Today Tsuzuki's network post is arranged by his two sock-puppets. Literally. He's wearing a colorful sock on each hand, trying to be anonymous. One of the sock-puppets hold up a sign with a flying, fat baby on it. It's holding a bow and arrow.]

Greetings everyone!

My name is Sock!

My name is Sock Too!

Today we're going to talk about

Valentine's Day! )
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Duo and Link's just gotten home, and now Hisoka and Hijiri have been mallynapped. At least I think they have- Hisoka wouldn't have left without telling me. I hope. I wish he'd woken me up. Does anyone know how long a regular abduction lasts?

Oh. And greetings to the new feathers. Are you settling in all right? If you have any extra time, feel free to come down to the garden. Elicia and I will be attempting to plant candy trees.
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[The feed is currently showing the living room of number 49. Tsuzuki's up on a small ladder, trying to fasten a birthday-banner to the ceiling. Hisoka's birthday is today, and he's planning on surprising him with cake and presents. His poor partner's been feeling so down lately, Tsuzuki hopes that this might distract him from his gloom.]

[Feel free to interrupt him.]

Fuda # 6

Jul. 16th, 2010 12:25 am
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[It's a beautiful, sunny day. The temperature is apparently between "boiling point" and "molten lava", and every sane person is inside, hugging their air conditioner.]

[Except for this guy. Tsuzuki is searching the grass outside House 49. He looks downright distressed, sitting on his knees and brushing his fingers through the lawn and dirt. When he's down with one patch, he hurries to the next one, not caring much about the heat even though his body does.]

It has to be around here somewhere...

Fuda # 5

Jun. 16th, 2010 01:53 pm
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[Today it's Adventures In Eating. Tsuzuki has gathered items to have an impromptu picnic outside. The incident with River has clearly been forgotten, which is for the best.]

Can you take out the tea? It's in the thermos. Oh, and that's Hijiri. Hijiri, Richard.

That's the Japanese way of greeting. Never mind, come sit down!

[Tsuzuki gets out the tea set. There are also shopping bags nearby, filled with fresh, baked goods. Tsuzuki was lazy and got them at the bakery instead of making his own brand of lethal desserts. He brought a book, too, but for the moment he obsesses over the sweets.]
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[OOC: Pretend I posted this days ago! D: Tsuzuki had a little run-in with River earlier. Being him, he thought he'd limp stagger walk the injuries off on the way home. He's still kind of dazed about all of it, really. It might just be the blood-loss speaking.]

[The feed comes on by accident, showing a very quiet shinigami. He's carrying one wing under his arm as if it was a newspaper, and his shirt is no longer white. Tsuzuki winces as he bends down to untie his shoes, but he'd determined to be as quiet as he can about going inside.]

Fuda # 3

May. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm
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[Tsuzuki is sitting outside in the warm weather. He's making small paper cranes, which transforms into birds. This drains on the remains of his magic. Some fly off, while others grow tired and fall to the ground.

He also, for some reason, have several water balloons resting by his ankles that he looks like he has forgotten.]
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[New feathers! Tsuzuki was walking around in the forest and came across the village by accident. He tried to cover his chest by crossing his arms.]

Excuse me! Does anyone know where I could get a shirt? Some shirt-bandit apparently robbed me while I slept.

[He remembered he now has wings. That's going to take a while to get used to.]

...And where can I find a pair of scissors?


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